1. Large Update to the app I’m working on. Simplified the navigation and data table. 

  2. This is a flat UI style guide I’m creating for my current insurance app project. Still adding more elements as I go.

  3. This is a dashboard screenshot of a web app I’m working on. Still a WIP Project, but it’s getting there. Will post more screenshots soon. Hope you guys like it. 

  4. I recently got invited to dribbble and very excited to post my debut shot. This is a WIP home page design for an insurance company. Seeing how this company hasn’t updated their website in the last 10 years, it really puts perspective on how simple changes in design can make a world of difference. 

    You can follow my dribbble profile here.

  5. Still a WIP. This is one of many alternatives for a small side project I’m working on. I believe it’s good to experiment sometimes with different techniques now and then. It gives a good view on what elements complement each other and what doesn’t. Perhaps, this can provide some inspiration for another project in the future.

  6. Here’s another page of the current project I’m working on. It’s a quote management system showing the progression of individual quotes submitted by a firm. I did my best to take a vast wealth of information and condense it to something more legible. The Alerts on the left (red:expired, yellow:expiring soon) indicate problems with specific quotes while the action column reveals the next step available in the process. There’s also a 2 level filtration system as well as an advanced search that can be manually set and saved by the user to view a more specific set of quotes. 

  7. Here’s one of the projects I’m working on. This is a statistics page showing multiple graphs and charts on how well your firm is doing. More information is shown on hover and you can customize which graphs are displayed with the controls located towards the left column. 

  8. Just wanted to show my workstation. Obviously I use my imac for work and my alienware Mx17 for games. I know apple purists would probably criticize my keyboard, but the new apple keyboard is so thin and low to the table, it hurts my wrists to type on it. Plus I like the mechanical noise my blackwidow makes, which sounds like a type writer.